Modern Contemporary Country for Modern Times


A New Album in the Works!

After a year in hiatus, I’m pleased to say that I’m able to work on a new album. I’ve completed one song, and am tracking some more. This album is more of a country acoustic demo for producers in Nashville. I’d like to call it Coffeehouse Country. It will be available to the public in time!

Please check back for concert dates and sound samples!


Matthew Hawk


Are you a fan of country music?

If you’re into country music, keep an ear out for Matthew Hawk in the Atlanta area. As a professional musician that plays every instrument, Hawk draws similarities to artists like Keith Urban, Darius Rucker, or Brad Paisley. Modern Contemporary Country for Modern Times. Stay tuned.

IN CONCERT: Miller Light Concert Series at Smith’s Olde Bar, March 19th!

Matthew Hawk Concert

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Check back often. Raw videos coming soon.